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Atlas™ Portable H2 Bottle - NewteckH2
Atlas™ Portable H2 Bottle - NewteckH2
Atlas™ Portable H2 Bottle - NewteckH2

Atlas™ Portable H2 Bottle

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I regret to announce that we have decided to delay the launch of our new Atlas™ bottle to allow for more rigorous testing of certain components that are critical to high H2 production. This is a precautionary measure necessary to ensure the product performs as advertised. I know many will be disappointed over this delay and for that we apologize. When we first posted that the product was “Coming Soon” the initial testing indicated it was almost ready but as is the case with most cutting-edge products, longer term test results indicated more needed to be done. Our promise is to deliver a high producing portable molecular hydrogen bottle with the quality you can trust. We’re working hard to bring this fantastic product to market, but at this point we can’t provide a definitive date.


Atlas™ 440ml Super Saturated portable Molecular Hydrogen water bottles produce an average 3.5PPM of Molecular Hydrogen.  The highest H2 concentration of any product in this category (Portable) and it’s the concentration (dose) that matters so consider this:

  • Suppose your H2 water device made 1.5ppm which is great for most other companies in the H2 Industry. Compare that to our bottle that makes on average 3.5ppm in 15 min. That means you must drink more than twice as much of the 1.5ppm water to get the same effect as our Atlas™ Bottle.
  • Explained another way, 1 pint of water at an average 3.5ppm from our Atlas bottle has more H2 than 2 pints from a bottle making 1.5 ppm.  Have you tested your Hydrogen bottle with H2 blue reagent?  That’s the most inexpensive way of knowing what you are drinking. You may be surprised!
  • The Atlas™ portable bottle holds 440ml of water. (Highest capacity portable in the market)
  • When it comes to H2 water, its the dose that counts.  This is usually measured in mg per liter (quart).  The concentration of H2 that a product produces is usually referred to in measurements of parts per million (ppm).  This is the concentration of hydrogen in the water but it does not give any indication of the dose, unless you convert to mg per liter (quart).
  • So for example a Hydrogen water product that produces 1.5ppm will provide a dose of 1.5 mg if a person consumes 1 liter(quart).
  • Less than half a liter from the Atlas™ will provide that same 1.5mg dose.


  • Bottle is made of double wall glass and not plastic.*** Perfect for those concerned about chemicals leaching into water.
  • Redesigned and improved H2 module, ensures a more consistent high H2 concentration.
  • Improved high efficiency Infusion technology
  • USB cable and plug adapter for wall plug in included. Do NOT try to hydrogenate any liquid other than water
  • Atlas™ bottle will operate even if your battery is discharged by plugging into external power source
  • Product has a small water chamber on the bottom of the unit. Please check periodically, rarely should you find water in it, however if you do please empty.

Our Atlas™ H2 portable devices are double walled glass.  Double wall bottles are superior to single wall in terms of shock resistance, and insulation properties. (Before you start dropping the bottles on a cement floor, please be aware that they will break.) The point is that they are stronger than regular single wall glass bottles but are still a glass bottle.

While double walled bottles improve the insulation properties of the bottle.  NewteckH2 has decided to supply a protective sleeve which covers the glass portion of the bottle.  This provides additional insulation and protection for your Atlas bottle.  With regards to the insulation properties, we are always amazed at how much longer drinks stay cold or warm in our bottles. On a hot summer day, you want your water to stay cool. 

Newteck Water Technologies Inc. is the Exclusive Manufacturers Representative for one of the largest H2 product manufacturers in the world and the leader in cutting edge product development. We are a North American Company focused on what Americans want. The highest quality products backed by a North American company and a manufacturer that is always working on new technologies to produce the highest concentrations of Molecular Hydrogen. The new Atlas product has an improved H2 infusion technology and an improved H2 production module allowing for much higher H2 concentrations.

Our Molecular Hydrogen products are designed and engineered to produce the same values as we advertise. We will never market an H2 water product that produces less than what we advertise. NewteckH2 has our own warranty and repair center in the USA. With customer service top of mind, we stand behind our products.