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In conjunction with leading engineers and designers, NewTeckH2.com has developed an exciting lineup of Molecular Hydrogen products. NewTeckH2.com offers the best cost effective molecular hydrogen (H2) products in the industry, and fully understands how to maximize the myriad health benefits associated with Molecular Hydrogen. Nearly 1,000 articles indicate Molecular Hydrogen is an important key to rejuvenating good health.
Molecular Hydrogen Products​
Interested in selling the worlds leading molecular hydrogen ingestion, and inhalation products?
Becoming a NewTeckH2 Affiliate offers a truly unique and exciting business opportunity. As the leader in the molecular hydrogen industry, NewTeckH2.com offers you exclusive products, services, and educational/advertising/marketing support to help launch you into this exciting future. 

Diverse Product Line
As a NewTeckH2 Affiliate, you'll offer the broadest product line in the Molecular Hydrogen Industry. All NewTeckH2 products, represent cutting edge technologies known for their industry best performance. You'll represent an industry leader with the support team ready to help you when unique opportunities develop. 

Research and Development
Our team, is always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve our product line. We’re continuously pushing the envelope with existing products, all the while developing and designing new types of molecular hydrogen water, inhalation, and skin care products. 

As a NewTeckH2 affiliate, you will earn one of the highest commission rates in the industry. By joining our family, you will receive 10% commission.  PLUS you can offer your customers an additional 10% discount through the use of our coupon program.  You decide what that coupon code will be.

After signing up for our affiliate program your first unit will be priced at normal sales price, with commission put on hold. A second unit must be sold within 90 days, at which time you will receive commission for that unit plus receive commission on the first unit. Your 10% customer coupon code will be received immediately.​  In order to remain an active affiliate, all we ask is you sell a minimum 1 unit every 90 days.

Technical Support
The trained support staff at NewTeckH2 is always as close as a telephone call away, to provide technical and/or business assistance. 
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